Dirndlherz Pop-up store

Designs with fabrics from all over the world
Gabriela Urabl’s extraordinary creations.

A success-story

Success was not long in coming. Celebrity women, such as the German pop singer Claudia Jung, wife and manager of star photographer Manfred Baumann, Nelly Baumann, singer and “The Great Chance” ORF judge Zabine Kapfinger, star chef Sarah Wiener, ex-Miss Austria and doctor Christine Reiler, star violinist and winner of “Das Supertalent”, Sunok Lee, Society Lady Andrea Buday, ex-Miss Austria and model Evelyn Rillé, ORF weather lady Dr. Christa Kummer, soul singer and jazz legend Dorretta Carter and many more love to wear Gabriela Urabl’s designs and come out as big fans. The charming sister trio “Dornrosen” is also one of Gabriela Urabl’s customers.

The authentic girl power from Styria with their big voices, wore Dirndlherz® for their impressive stage shows. During their 2017 tour, Andreas Gabalier’s background singers were dressed in Dirndlherz® and toured through Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Even superstar Madonna, who performed in Vienna, received a dirndl from Dirndlherz®.

These unique Dirndl pieces, from the native Carinthian are high-quality works of art. Dirndlherz® is the individual manufacture for the “themed dirndl”. Gabriela Urabl combines tradition with today’s trends. She combines styles, fabrics and themes with lots of charm and wit.

“The designs are small works of art in their own right,” says Gabriela Urabl proudly, who causes a stir with her models. Her imaginative dresses meet the taste of women. Whether in the evening in a chic bar, at the Wilderer Gschnas or during the summer around the Wörthersee – designer Gabriela Urabl’s dashing dirndls can be worn anywhere.

During the winter 2021 you can look for your own individual creation at the Dirndlherz® Pop Up Store in Edelweiss.