“Restlos glücklich” Cookbook

Europe’s best vegetarian chef

about the value of nature, people & food

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“And suddenly it was back, that moment, that feeling of ‘real taste’, the scent of freshness, the aroma of food, that was compounded in a dignified, responsible and respectful way.

A significant personal experience convinced Paul Ivić once more that his way is the right and only possible way. All those many years as Europe’s best vegetarian cook prove his esteem for nature, people, animals and food.

Paul Ivićs recipes are prove that sustainable enjoyment does not necessarily mean abstinence.

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from Paul Ivic

All 3 cookbooks by Paul Ivic are also available at Hotel Edelweiss, Zürs.

Paul Ivić has reached the Olympus of vegetarian cuisine in the TIAN restaurant. Worldwide there are only ten vegetarian restaurants in the Michelin star club. The TIAN in Vienna has been part of it since 2014 and is the first vegetarian restaurant with four toques from Gault Millau. Paul Ivić’s second restaurant, the TIAN in Munich, has also a star since 2019. The passionate cook is a great advocate of biodynamic agriculture and a critic of genetically modified food.