ANAZOE - Philosophy

Luxurious. Holistic. Revitalising.

When body and soul are at one. Feel revitalised and invigorated with every fibre of your being. That's ANAZOE, the new luxury spa brand in Zürs.


ANAZOE is Greek and stands for "rejuvenation" – and that's the goal of this award-winning luxury spa brand from the Costa Navarino in Greece. The complete revitalisation of body & spirit, true to the Ancient Greek dictum "Healthy body, healthy mind."


Rejuvenation and revitalisation of body & spirit

ANAZOE, the luxury spa brand that has won more than 20 international awards, originated in the Peloponnese coast of Greece. There, at the Costa Navarino, special spa treatments and massage therapies were developed that are based on the health and beauty concepts of Ancient Greece. They harness the natural, revitalising resources of the region to create unique, luxurious spa products that invigorate body & mind and contribute to their overall rejuvenation.

A natural health remedy: the olive tree

Nature takes centre stage in all the treatments available, in particular in the form of the olive tree, the dominant element at ANAZOE. Inspired by local practices at the Costa Navarino, as inscribed on clay tablets that were found at the nearby Palace of Nestor, unique treatments using olive oil were developed that are based directly on the ideas of Hippocrates, also known as the "Father of Medicine" in the Western world.  Olive oil is used as a holistic natural remedy, with a considerable therapeutic potential that invigorates body & spirit.

Award-winning spa

Among others, the ANAZOE Treatment Institutes have won the following prestigious awards. We are proud to offer our guests such a fantastic product and treatment range!