ANAZOE Treatments

Oleotherapy® Signature Treatments

Special signature treatments were developed for the Anazoe Spa, based on the combination of Ancient Greek medical knowledge and techniques that gave rise to modern-day physiotherapy, while also taking into account the latest scientific findings for the revitalisation of body, soul and spirit.


To do this, original recipes that were found cut into clay tablets at Nestor's Palace, 1.5 km north of the Costa Navarino, were incorporated according to modern-day scientific methods to create Oleotherapy® treatments that harness the health-giving powers of olive oil. Many of the Anazoe treatments are based on the knowledge of Hippocrates, often regarded as the "Father of Medicine" in the West, who referred to olive oil as an "excellent remedy". These treatments are customised to suit your individual requirements, in line with the temperament theory of Hippocrates. A consultation takes place prior to each treatment to discuss your specific needs and requests. The symbiosis of the extraordinary medical knowledge of Ancient Greece that has proven its worth over the centuries, with the specially developed Anazoe products, individual massage and treatment techniques and music composed specifically for these treatments, makes for a truly unique spa experience and provides lasting, tangible and visible results.

Traditional Olive Nourishing Facial


A refreshing, soothing facial with ingredients from lime blossoms, sage and olive tree leaves to make your skin look and feel revitalised and radiant. The facial comprises a moisturising ampoule for the immediate improvement of skin texture as well as a luxurious massage of the face, neck and cleavage and a moisturising hand and foot treatment.
80 minutes € 160,--

Healing Massage Remedy by Hippocrates


This healing massage is based on an innovative massage technology, using modern-day soft tissue massage in combination with ancient techniques of physiotherapy. A massage ritual that offers a unique combination of ancient healing and Greek essential oil therapy and that will boost your energy levels and leave you feeling invigorated from head to toe.
80 minutes € 160,--

Advanced Bio Lifting Cure Facial


This highly effective, customised treatment cleanses, repairs and hydrates. An intense Oleotherapy® treatment that includes a biodynamic lifting massage and skin diagnostics; eyebrow shaping; a lymphatic stimulation massage; hot herbal compresses; a peeling; deep cleansing using cupping jars; a multi-dimensional serum; a bio-energetic lifting massage; an intensive facial mask and a bespoke moisturiser to stabilise the skin.  The power of nature, combined with high-tech solutions, makes for a maximised, lasting effect that is visible immediately.
110 minutes € 220,--



Health-promoting massages, tried and tested over centuries, form the basis of the spa treatments listed below. Massages are beneficial on many levels – they reduce stress and stimulate the circulation and physical resilience, in particular after exercise, as well as increasing our overall sense of well-being.


Anazoe Part Body Release Massage – classic massage


Depending on your individual focus, the head, shoulders & back of neck, back or legs are given an intensive massage.
25 minutes € 60,--


Anazoe Classic Massage full body – classic massage


This full-body massage is a classic feature of any spa treatment range. The massage therapists will adjust their techniques to suit your personal requirements and stimulate your circulation, loosen tense muscles and provide you with a head-to-toe sense of relaxation.
50 minutes € 115,-- 
80 minutes € 160,--


 Reflexology Massage    


Our bodily functions are stimulated and influenced via specific reflex points on the hands, ears and feet. The stimulation massage of the reflex zones helps the body find its natural balance and boosts its defence mechanism as well as influencing specific functions in a targeted manner.
25 minutes € 60,-- 
50 minutes € 115,--


Aromatherapy Candle Massage Remedy


A highly efficacious combination of relaxing and stimulating massage techniques, using essential oils by Anazoe that act directly on the central nervous system to promote muscle relaxation both directly and indirectly. The essential oils are embedded in pure, natural beeswax and are customised to suit your individual requirements.
50 minutes € 115,-- 
80 minutes € 160,--


Melisseus, the Spirit of Honey – honey massage ritual


Heat and honey are classic health and beauty formulas for the skin. This unique honey massage combines the power of heat with stimulating, balancing massage techniques. Gentle heat is used to activate the stimulation, loosen stubborn tensions and promote lasting, in-depth relaxation of the muscles. A mind-blowing, multi-faceted treatment that indulges all the senses!
50 minutes € 115,-- 
80 minutes € 160,--

Physiotherapy treatments

Our experienced physiotherapist will support you with professional, individual advice and guidance, with the ultimate goal of improving your well-being. Our body treatments are intense and have a highly beneficial effect on your overall state of health. Enjoy a wider range of movement through the targeted manipulation of problem areas. These carefully designed treatments will improve your stamina and physical stability.


Physio - Deep Tissue Massage


A therapeutic massage that goes deeper to resolve muscular tensions. Applying firm pressure, special techniques focus on specific muscular sections to restore the elasticity and performance capacity of the muscles. The massage is recommended after golf, tennis or any strenuous workout. It may also comprise the passive stretching of the muscles.
50 minutes € 115,-- 
80 minutes € 160,--


Physio –Myofascial Release-Massage


A safe, highly effective and practical method that exerts gentle, constant pressure on the myofascial deep connective tissue in order to resolve pain and restore mobility. This special method works on the deep layers of the connective tissue to increase your mobility and ensures that your muscular system receives the treatment it needs.
50 minutes € 115,-- 
80 minutes € 160,--


Facial treatments

We have designed the very best skincare products for our customised facials at the Anazoe spa. All our facials include a thorough skin analysis, cleansing, a mask or deep cleansing, a massage, a special moisturiser and recommended skincare product. Please note that sun exposure immediately after the facial is not recommended.


Anazoe Deep Cleansing Facial


This deep cleansing treatment for all skin types starts with a gentle peeling to remove dead skin cells, followed by deep cleansing, a luxurious facial massage and a highly efficacious, in-depth Anazoe cleansing mask. Selected plant extracts leave your skin looking clear and radiant. A hand treatment completes this spa experience.
80 minutes € 160,--


Anazoe Herbal Facial


This treatment for normal, dry and mature skin uses products on the basis of healing herbs that have a nourishing, relaxing, detoxifying and soothing effect, optimising the skin's moisture levels at the same time. The treatment comprises a gentle peeling and a luxurious facial massage, selected for your individual skin type.
50 minutes € 115,--


Radiant Eyes & Smooth Lips

A soothing, revitalising treatment for the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips. Replenishes the skin with moisture and nutrients, smoothens fine lines and reduces swelling. Includes brow-shaping.


Manicure & Pedicure

Enjoy some Mediterranean lifestyle with beautifully groomed hands and feet. Our nail treatments are suitable exclusively for natural nails, not for acrylic or gel nails.




Oleotherapy® manicure (including moisturising treatment, moisturising cream & manicure by Anazoe, varnish not included)
40 minutes € 50,--
Varnish 10 minutes € 10,--




Citrus-mint pedicure (stimulating and refreshing, soothing for tired feet – varnish not included)
50 minutes € 50,--
Varnish 10 minutes € 10,--


Oleotherapy® waxing


Lips, brows or chin € 15,--
Underarms € 15,--
Lower legs or arms € 45,--
Legs € 55,--
Bikini zone € 40,--
Back or chest € 45,--