Yoga. Meditation. Winter magic. Food for the soul. Detox.

In these hectic times, yoga is the perfect source of peace and strength. In YOGA meets YOU, we have found a professional, regional partner with international experience to help us offer authentic yoga holidays in special locations such as the Edelweiss.

The professional YOGA meets YOU instructors are Yoga Alliance-accredited and certified according to Standard RYS-200. They offer authentic, holistic yoga and introduce students to the beneficial effects of Yoga Asanas, the Pranayama techniques as well as meditation.
The YOGA meets YOU retreats at the Hotel Edelweiss are suitable for all levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced. The exercises are adapted to suit the guests' individual levels.


 Yoga. Meditation. Winter magic.

Wednesday,11/12/2019 until Sunday, 15/ 12/19
Sunday,19/01/2020 until Thursday, 23/01/20


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Expect a clearly structured, intense yoga experience, based on 5 essential points:

1. Physical exercises (Asanas)


This is where your joints are “greased” and your spine is stretched in all directions. Every single Asana works on a specific organ. The poses are designed to massage the organs, help with back pain and improve posture. The meditative holding of each pose and their classic variations are integral parts of the course.

2. Breathing exercises (Pranayama)


These exercises help participants replenish their energy levels, in particular with Prana (vital life energy). Yogic breathing links the body to its "battery", the solar plexus, where enormous energy reserves are stored.

3. Relaxation (Savasana)


Relaxation works on several levels. Unfortunately, our society often doesn't take the need for relaxation seriously, which is why the art of relaxing must be re-learned by many of us.  The course participants learn to relax deliberately and often report that they have had their first experience of complete relaxation for as long as they can remember!

4. Nutrition (vegetarian)


In Yoga, nutrition has a central role, true to the saying "You are what you eat!"
Yogis prefer a lacto-vegetarian diet. Alcohol, coffee, sugar, meat and fish are considered excessively stimulating and are best avoided. In addition, yogis avoid excessively spicy food as well as sweets, as these also have an overly stimulating effect on the mind, making it more difficult to calm down and focus (for instance when doing the daily concentration exercise or practising independent meditation).

5. Positive thinking (Vedanta) & meditation (Dyana)


Daily guided meditation units teach participants different techniques to help them concentrate. It is scientifically proven that meditation improves health and strengthens the immune and nervous system. People who meditate regularly are more resilient, more relaxed and better able to concentrate.


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