Devoted to tradition: 111 years Ski Club Arlberg

Find out more about the oldest Ski Club in Austria

The cradle of skiing on the Arlberg: Here in 1901 the Ski Club Arlberg was founded. The Ski Club Arlberg is not only the oldest ski club in Austria, but also undoubtedly the most legendary ski club in the world.


On 3 January 1901 Alpine skiing was born on the Arlberg: During a stop in Hotel Hospiz, the Ski Club Arlberg was founded by six friends. 111 years later the legendary Arlberg Ski Club, with headquarters in St. Anton, counts 7.300 members from 53 nations.

Ski Arlberg: the beginnings of the Ski Club Arlberg and its successful members

Three years after the founding of the Ski Club Arlberg, the first general ski race was held with tremendous effort, without ski lifts and with a great deal of enthusiasm: an absolute novelty in alpine sports, which drew attention to skiing on the Arlberg. The enthusiasm for skiing on the Arlberg has remained unchallenged until today, and the list of successful racers who emerged from the Ski Club Arlberg is long. Hannes Schneider, the founder of the first ski school on the Arlberg and inventor of the "stem turn", Othmar Schneider, who won the first Alpine gold medal at the Olympic Games for Austria, Olympic champion and world champion Patrick Ortlieb "the eagle from the Arlberg", Mario Matt: they are all the pride and motivation for the Ski Club Arlberg.


Enthusiasm for skiing on the Arlberg: member of the Ski Club Arlberg

Without a doubt: The membership of the Ski Club Arlberg is a special honour. If you have gone skiing on the Arlberg for at least three years and have won the hearts of two "guarantors" of the members of the Ski Club Arlberg, then the way to membership and the weekly regulars’ table is open.


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