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Current job offers

application process

You want to try out new paths in the tourism industry and are questioning yourself, what will happen after sending out your application to us.

Ingo the Flamingo will explain you the steps from sending your application until receiving your contract to start at the Hotel Edelweiss in Zuers.

Your application

During the first step, we are asking you to send us your application digitally through our career portal. After handing in your documents successfully, you will receive an automatic answer, which confirms the receipt of your application and includes the login for the Edelweiss Flamingo Club. Your application will be saved in our system and gets prepared for the next steps. At that point, you don’t have to do anything anymore. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Checking your applicaton dokuments

During the second step, Julia our HR assistant will send your documents to the management and supervisor of the requested department.


Step three of the application process, will be an invitation for an application talk in Zürs or via video call. You will meet the management and the supervisor of your applied department. During the meeting, we have the opportunity to get to know you and your personality and have the possibility to clarify questions and expectations. Depending on the position you applied for, you will have one to three meetings bevor the decision will be made.

We want you!

If you convinced us during the personal meeting, you will hear from us as soon as possible via Email which will also include a contract proposal.

you want us!

If you felt comfortable as well during the personal meeting, we would be very happy and excited if you would accept our offer.

Welcome at the Edelweiss Flamingo Club!

Now, nothing stands in between you and your start at the Hotel Edelweiss. Furthermore, we will send you your approved contract within the next three days. Before starting your job, we will provide you with the most important information’s regarding your working environment.

The Villa Edelweiss

Our new renovated staff house „Villa Edelweiss” is only 50 meters away from the hotel. Generous double- and single rooms with bath/ shower, plenty of storage space, refrigerator and many other small amenities. In addition, a fully equipped gym is also waiting for you.

Other staff rooms are located directly in the hotel and offer you a comfortably dry-footed way to work. These rooms are more simply equipped but come with a bonus. For more information, see the Edelweiss Flamingo Club Benefits (you will receive your password from us).

#1 Fun/ Proudness
We have fun while doing your work
#2 Respect
We are shwowing respect towards our colleagues: we pay attention to personal senitivities but also in relation to hardware, operations and guests.
#3 Reliability & a Sense of Duty
We trust our employees that they will perform their duties dutifully. Everyone knows what to do and takes personal responsibility. Our guests can trust that we will keep our service as promised. We get our salary on time.
#4 Loyalty> Solidarity & Fairness
decisions are supported, if necesary decided together. Take everyone with you - help each other.
#5 Quality
is in our DOING. Everyone knows what service quality they have to fulfill and deliver in their department.
#6 Sustainability
United against Waist in our hardware, use economical products. Conscious use of our resources when purchasing products. Sensitize employees to be more careful with resources and products.
#7 Family
We live together in a small space and cultivate this co-existence. We also take time for the private family and can cultivate these contacts.
#8 Creativity/ Individuality / Courage
We are individual personalities. These are what we want. We are brave and try new things. We have room for that and should be encouraged.

Welcome at the Edelweiss Flamingo Club!

We would like to introduce you to:
Ingo – the Flamingo

The Hotel Edelweiss is standing up side down!

Together with Ingo the Flamingo, we are breaking new ground in finding and retaining employees!

Working in tourism can be soooo sexy. Ingo is a weird bird, I can tell you that. A very demanding employee! However, your Benefits are worth more than € 7.000 per season could even convinve him!

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