Pure relaxation in the legendary Edelweiss ski hotel

Small but nice: this is the comfort zone at the Edelweiss. Perfectly suited to leave all efforts behind after an active day. Immerse yourself in warmth, peace and relaxation – our 3 pillars for perfect well-being.

Enjoy. Heal. Rejuvenate.

Sauna, steam room and cold tub

After spending many hours on the slopes, a relaxing sauna session is just the right thing: In the soothing heat, all tension in the muscles and tissue is instantly released, thus preventing any sore muscles. In our relaxation room you can leave your worries behind and let your mind wonder…


Sometimes the slopes just aren’t enough. Sometimes you also need the opportunity to work out indoors. Nothing easier than that: all of our Edelweiss guests can enjoy our fitness room, located in the Edelweiss Villa, opposite the hotel. Our modern fitness room offers all the ingredients to improve your stamina and strengthen your muscles to prepare yourself for the upcoming ski day!

Soon we'll publish more exicting news on our wellness-offers…

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