Pure relaxation in the legendary Edelweiss ski hotel

The luxury SPA brand, which has received more than 20 international awards, has opened the first “Anazoe Signature Lab” in the Alps in December 2019. Anazoe derives from the Greek word for the rejuvenation and revitalization of the body & mind. Edelweiss and external guests can now enjoy the unique treatments and massage therapies of the Costa Navarino.


Enjoy. Heal. Rejuvenate.

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Luxurious. Holistic. Revitalizing.

Be one with body & mind. Feel new vitality and strength in every single cell. This is ANAZOE. This is the new luxury SPA brand in Zürs.

ANAZOE comes from the Greek and means “rejuvenation”. The goal of this award-winning luxury spa brand from Costa Navarino in Greece: complete revitalization of body and mind.

“A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Rejuvenation & revitalization of body & mind

ANAZOE, the luxury spa brand that has won more than 20 international awards, originated in the Peloponnese region of Greece. Here, on the Costa Navarino, special spa treatments and massage therapies have been developed based on the health and beauty practices of ancient Greece. They use the natural and revitalizing resources of the region to create unique, luxurious spa products that bring body and mind to new vitality and contribute to their holistic rejuvenation.

A natural remedy: the olive tree

Our treatments focus especially on nature – and more specifically on the olive tree, the main element at ANAZOE. Based on local practices of the Costa Navarino, which were found inscribed on clay tablets in a nearby palace of Nestor, unique olive oil treatments have been created. The therapies developed, follow the ideas of Hippocrates, who is known in the West as the “father of medicine”. Olive oil is used as a holistic remedy, which has enormous therapeutic potential and gives body and mind new strength and vitality.

Sauna, steam room and cold tub

Small but nice: this is the comfort zone at the Edelweiss. Perfectly suited to leave all efforts behind after an active day. Immerse yourself in warmth, peace and relaxation – our 3 pillars for perfect well-being. After spending many hours on the slopes, a relaxing sauna session is just the right thing: In the soothing heat, all tension in the muscles and tissue is instantly released, thus preventing any sore muscles. In our relaxation room you can leave your worries behind and let your mind wonder…


Sometimes the slopes just aren’t enough. Sometimes you also need the opportunity to work out indoors. Nothing easier than that: all of our Edelweiss guests can enjoy our fitness room, located in the Edelweiss Villa, opposite the hotel. Our modern fitness room offers all the ingredients to improve your stamina and strengthen your muscles to prepare yourself for the upcoming ski day!

Oleotherapy®-Signature Treatments

Traditional Olive Nourishing Facial – revitalisizing facial treatment with olive
Healing Massage Remedy by Hippocrates – Massage rituals inspired by Hippokrates
Advanced Bio Lifting Cure Facial – Advanced Bio-Lifting Facials


The massages that have been used for centuries to promote health, form the basis of our spa experiences. The numerous positive effects of massages include stress reduction, an increase in blood circulation, a functional enhancement of the body, especially for sports activities and an increase in general sense of well-being.


Our experienced physiotherapist spoils you with professional and individual care to improve your well-being. Our body treatments are intensive and have a very positive effect on your health. Enjoy greater freedom of movement while your physical therapist works specifically on problem areas. These carefully crafted treatments improve your performance and body stability.


We have designed the best skin care products for the tailor-made facial treatments at the “Anazoe Spa”. All facial treatments include a thorough skin analysis, cleansing, mask or deep cleansing, massage, special moisturizing care and a care recommendation. It is ideal not to expose yourself to direct sunlight immediately after the facial treatment.

Hand & foot care

Enjoy the Messinian lifestyle with beautifully manicured hands and feet. Our nail treatments are exclusively intended for natural nails, no acrylic or gel nails.


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