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Heliboarding and heliskiing

The ultimate downhill fun

Heliboarding and Heliskiing in Zürs

Should you love powder skiing more than anything and want to treat yourself to an extraordinary winter sports experience, then a heliskiing adventure is exactly what you need. Nowhere else can you experience the spectacular descents of the Vorarlberg peaks. An experienced ski guide from the Zürs ski school will ensure your safety while heliboarding and heliskiing in Vorarlberg.

Up and away:

Heliskiing on the Arlberg with experienced pilots and ski guides

Your safety is of course the top priority when heliboarding or heliskiing in Zürs. Your helicopter from the local airline Wucher can only take-off, if the weather is perfect and snow conditions are safe. Get yourself ready to be at the top of the mountain – your starting point for spectacular heliskiing on the Arlberg.

Safe heliboarding and heliskiing fun in Vorarlberg

Put on your skis and set off – but not without admiring this unique and spectecular view first! Under the guidance of your ski guide, you begin your descent in deep snow. Heliskiing in Zürs: This is the finest skiing experience in winter sports on the Arlberg!


Do you have any questions about heliskiing in Zürs? Do not hesitate to contact the Edelweiss team, your specialists for your skiing holiday in Vorarlberg.


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