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For the love of the board

We roughly estimate that 101 out of 100 of our Edelweiss guests in Zürs carry some kind of ski equipment in their luggage. Which is not surprising, knowing the big wide white world that lurks out there. Because we live for our common love for skiing. We cannot wait to ride the lifts and gondolas that bring us to the top of the mountain. It is not always easy to get up from the well-furnished breakfast tables. Some may say: “It’s only half past ten,”, others: “look, the bar is already open. I will keep the barman company”.

Or follow your nose,

to discover the seductive scents from the spa? No, that can wait. Maybe later. Maybe instead or after après-ski. Which brings us back to the topic. Skiing, which everything revolves around here. Only a few meters away from the hotel, the modern Flexenbahn gondola. Waiting to take ski fanatics up the hill.

Yes, and then the love of the view. This amazing view that creates this urge to draw our ski outlines in the snow. “Juchatzn” (is our vorarlberger way to express our joy). At the edge of the piste, we glance at a multitude of inviting huts, that call for drinks and bursting out in a song. And lets not forget about the typical dishes that they serve. Nobody cares about calories enough to miss out on this.

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