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Edelweiss Restaurant

A la carte Dinner Menu:

Starting from winter 2023/24, you'll only need to do one thing - reserve your table

While zebras stroll over wallpapers and tigers over carpets, all Edelweiss Paradise birds dine in the finest company. In the delightfully revamped 2022 restaurant, indulge in the exquisite cuisine of Stefan Reichel. Here, whether it's meat, fish, vegetarian, seasonal, regional, or occasionally international, everything is served exceptionally but always with love. Austrian and international classics at the highest level. Rare and specialty dishes according to your whims and fancies.

You decide just when ordering weather you fancy one of the daily changing 4- or 5-course menus or if you'd rather dine à la carte. Oh, and just as a little tip - our wine cellar has quite a lot to offer too! Our sommelier, Josef Anton, has a few rarities up his sleeve.

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Hold tight, dear friends of enjoyment. There's some mighty news to share. On the one hand, we've washed away the classic menu selection from the plate and now, due to popular demand – drum roll, please – we offer dinner à la carte. Free choice, free ride on the roller coaster of delights. That's right.

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