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Olio Tucci

Olio Tucci, Limonolio Tucci, Aceto Tucci

Passion, ambition & tradition in every drop

399 olive trees 100% natural 2 hectares of land 150 year old trees

and the whole heart and soul of our Maitre d’Hotel Ireneo Tucci.

The excellent products accompany your dishes in all restaurants in the Hotel Edelweiss and you have the opportunity to purchase all 3 quality products directly at the hotel.

Our TIP: Talk to Ireneo, experience how passionate he is for his products and the enthusiasm with which he talks about his work at the Azienda “Casale delle More”. 

Ireneos Products


Olio Tucci

100% extra virgin olive oil.

Exclusively from first quality Italian olives. Cold extraction.

Olio Tucci, is produced by the joint cold extraction of the Leccino and Genitle di Chieti olives. This gives the olive oil its unique fresh and elegant taste.

Limonolio Tucci

80% extra virgin olive oil. 20% Sicilian lemon peel. Cold extraction.

Limonolio Tucci is created by the joint cold extraction of the olives and lemon peel. This is how you get the uniquely fresh oil. With the lemon oil flavor.

Aceto Tucci

1100% Trebbiano grape must. Aged for at least 8 years in barrels made of different woods.

Aceto Tucci is aged for at least 8 years in barrels made from cherry, chestnut, mulberry, acacia and oak. This creates the elegant acidity and the unmistakable taste.

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